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Generative vs Consumptive Distraction

Brief thought - types of distractions. [WIP]

I recently skimmed an article describing the costs of listening to music while working. I proudly had 50-60k minutes on Spotify over 2020, most of which is while working. Could this music really be dampening my performance?

More broadly, though, what types of distractions are truly distracting or anti-productive?

Two types of distractions

This leads to two potential thoughts of distractions:

  1. Generative distractions, or distractions which are internally driven and produced
  2. Consumptive distractions, or distractions which are externally driven and consumed

One example of a generative distraction would be shower thoughts - my mind is certainly occupied in the shower, yet I don’t accomplish significant work.

For consumptive distractions, examples are plentiful: social media (especially TikToks), Youtube, TV,…

Costs of distraction

Thank you to Soham Pardeshi, who chatted with me about this.